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1. Why has Goal Line Art stopped production of the Pro Football Hall of Fame Art Series?

Goal Line Art has produced this "Limited Edition" art series every year since 1989 ... and contracts have now become more complicated.

We needed to make a business decision that was best for us.

We hope you understand.

We enjoyed this time producing this amazing collection with Gary Thomas ... and having time with you, our customers, to discuss football. Its been great!!

2. Tell me more about the Series One Released in 1989?

Series One, Two, Three and Four have been sold out, however you may still find them in the secondary markets. Ebay is a good place to search, or you can drop us a note at ... if we know of any for sale, we will provide you with the collectors contact information.

3. What are the "Gold Sets" and the "Enshrinee Proof Cards"?

The Football Hall of Fame purchased 100 of Goal Line Art’s original 5,000 sets issued. They affixed a Gold Stamp and numbered them 1 to 100. These have been called the “Gold Cards.” The enshrinees autographed them for the Hall. They were packaged and sold as a complete collection. Each years release is then offered to the collector who purchased the original set. There are 100 sets in circulation.

The “Enshrinee Proof” cards are “press proof” cards issued only to the players. These cards are stamped with a special seal and numbered 1 to 50. The Hall presents them as a gift to the members as they are enshrined. Some members choose to keep them for their family and friends while others sign and return them to the Hall where they may be sold in their Gift Shop. There are only 50 issued for each member.

4. Can I purchase single cards direct from Goal Line Art?

Goal Line Art sells these art cards in the original packaged sets as listed in our 'Order Online' page. Individual cards can be purchased in the secondary market. Send us an email at and we will provide you with a list of collectors that we know who sell singles.

5. When is the Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony... ?

The Hall of Fame induction ceremony will be held this August in Canton, Ohio. For more information, call the Pro Football Hall of Fame at 330-456-8207 or visit their web site at

6. Where can I buy signed Goal Line Art cards...?

Some of our collectors are interested in having their Goal Line Art cards signed by the Pro Football Hall of Famers'. Goal Line Art does not sell autographed cards, however, here are some suggestions that may help you in this pursuit:

- A great site for locating who's signing where is If you know of some others, let us know.
- you may want to search for 'Goal Line Art signed'. There are usually some available .... and many show photo's of the autographs ... so, if you know what the autograph should look like, this may be a good option.

7. Where can I purchase a binder to display this collection?

Goal Line Art does sell a specially produced 3-ring binder, stamped in gold lettering. It comes complete with 50 clear vinyl sheets, each holding two of the 4" x 6" art cards - each binder will hold 100 cards.